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A Little moreAbout Lana...

Hey there, I’m Lana. I’m on a mission to help business owners build a business and a life they love.

I believe that success shouldn’t come at the cost of happiness, and that’s why I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build businesses that serve their lives. After all, we work hard to enjoy the rewards of our efforts, and every business owner deserves to reap the benefits of their hard work.

Owning a business is one of the most intelligent investment strategies available, and I am passionate about helping established businesses optimize their profits, scale their sales and marketing and engage their teams and build a culture of collaboration that inspires performance.

Why is this my passion?

Growing up in New Zealand, I saw firsthand the tireless work ethic of my parents, who dedicated their lives to supporting our family.  Despite working hard, they were confined to jobs that required them to exchange their time for money. They didn’t know there was another way. Not ok.

Sadly, I see entrepreneurs still stuck in this trap today. That’s one reason why I am deeply committed to helping them break free from this soul-destroying cycle to build and embrace a business and life that supports their hearts desires.

However, my passion for helping others extends far beyond the realm of business. People often share with me that they feel at ease and not judged in my presence, and I find the best way of dealing with difficult situations with ease and grace. I think this quality helps people quickly let go of habits and behaviours that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

“Personal transformation is the cornerstone of lasting business transformation.”

Experience has demonstrated that the greatest lasting change comes from within. Often, it’s not the journey we are willing to take but the imperative path that, when embraced, we experience depth in life and greater satisfaction in business beyond what we thought was possible at the start.

Business relies upon leaders to overcome their perceived limitations to move the business from its current state to its desired state and, in the words of Captain Kirk, “to boldly go where no man (or any other gender 😊) has gone before …. Sometimes, this can be an internal challenge. That’s where I come in: I help leaders and their teams identify and execute business strategies while also tackling any internal obstacles that stand in the way. But without a willingness to change, businesses and individuals risk returning to their starting point, stuck with the same old constraints, and destined to achieve the same old results.

By understanding our behaviour, creating better patterns, and developing emotional flexibility, we can navigate life’s ups and downs with less stress and more ease.

Client results are the best testimony to my work. You can find these testimonials on the homepage or connect with me on LinkedIn for more. I’ve experienced my fair share of life-changing events, including losing my partner at a young age and battling personal health challenges. These experiences have taught me compassion and given me a burning desire to make the most of my time.

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me in the ocean, connecting with the local community in Terrigal, swimming my heart out, and avoiding… umm, sharks. I’m always on the lookout for new swimming spots around the world. And if you see me on the slopes, don’t expect any tricks – I’m pretty rubbish at snowboarding but love the feeling of freedom at the top of the mountain!

Sustainability is also a passion of mine, and I’m committed to helping businesses embrace it both at home and in the workplace. I have an insatiable thirst for learning about business and what makes some people achieve extraordinary heights of fulfillment and accomplishment while others struggle with even the daily rituals of living. My burning desire is to learn and make these tools accessible to as many business owners as possible.

My dad once shared this advice with me: be fearless. I’ve taken this to heart, and it’s helped me through some of the toughest challenges in my life. We only have so much time on this earth, so why not make the most of it? Taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones can be scary, but it’s even scarier to think that where you are now could be the same place or worse in 12 months or even longer. This is where we find our greatest successes.

If you’re ready to make a change in your business and your life, I’m here to help or point you in the right direction.

So, if you’re ready to take your business and life to new heights, click the “Let’s Chat” button to schedule a free consultation.

I guarantee I can find strategies to increase your profit by 20% within 90 days otherwise I’ll work with you free until I do!  Let’s make this year your best one yet.

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Business Advisor

Working with clients on a Return-On-Investment (ROI) basis.

This means the income made by clients as a result of working with us must be at least a 5 times ROI. We believe fee structures should be transparent and accountable. For this reason we have proprietary software to ensure both client and advisor have an ROI “fit” before starting a program.

The objective of a client partnership is to meet agreed performance standards to:

Maximise client income…

Rationalise client effort…

Optimise client scale…

Promoting Locals

Every one of our consultants lives in a local community and drives past hundreds of businesses every day.

Every one of our consultants lives in a local community and drives past hundreds of businesses every day.

Since TAN was established in 2014 we have met, promoted and helped thousands of local businesses with this program. Help has taken many forms from Free PR where businesses are promoted on our social media platforms through to assessing businesses for profit potential. Often business owners will simply want a few pointers from an outside perspective.

All our consultants do this on a voluntary basis as their contribution to building business success.

Planning Sessions

Quarterly Planning

  • Every business owner needs to step away from the day-to-day running of their business to think about longer-term issues and opportunities.
  • Often the best environment for this is with other business owners who are faced with the same challenge of balancing their operational role with their longer-term role of leading and managing their business towards its goals.
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions make this easy where business owners are provided with a structured format to build their plan.
  • All planning sessions feature our signature 1-Page Plan that lists out 3 core projects for the upcoming quarter and a scoreboard for monitoring results over the period being planned for.
  • Business Owners are provided with a workbook and planning guide to ensure they walk out clear, focused and ready to achieve the projects they have set.

Free Guide Book

If you want to find the easiest way to generate success in your business using the best techniques to get there, then the Guidebook will show you how.

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Trusted Advisor Network

Lana is part of a dedicated team across Australia & New Zealand.

Our past 18 years in the advisory space has been the catalyst for developing our break-through approach.

Our programs are only offered to clients on an ROI basis after businesses have been analysed to determine the upside available to the business owner. Businesses must demonstrate a 500% ROI to be eligible for a program. This approach has been developed after years of in-field experience of being consultants, coaches, trainers and presenters.

Most importantly, over the last 12 years TAN has developed a deep understanding of working with business owners from every industry imaginable.

It has allowed us to continually develop leading methodologies, systems and intellectual property that makes up our program material. The synergy of working in partnership with our team along with such diverse clients has given us a collaborative culture that has become the most valuable part of the way we operate as a network.